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Home Staging 101

Nationally recognized home staging pioneer and real estate expert, Lise Desormeaux, teaches you the complete and easy to learn do-it-yourself techniques of home staging. Learn how to sell your home for the highest price – FAST! Home Staging 101 is a must-have when transforming an empty, cluttered or outdated house into a home that sells – especially in today’s market. When selling your home, you’re competing with others. Don’t let the competition outsell you, stage your home with easy how to learn home staging techniques today Home Staging 101 will transform you and your home today to become the unrivaled competition faster then any other how-to home staging book video or training course.

Lise offers the most complete home staging DVD on the market. Home Staging 101 includes:

  • Home staging secrets that attract buyers and make them wild for your home
  • Statistics that confirm the seller’s return on the home staging investment
  • Answers to questions from realtors and sellers – even questions most are afraid to ask
  • Detailed, but easy-to-follow, home staging techniques: No Brainers, Primary Staging, WOW Factor
  • How to produce the WOW factor for the exterior and every room in the house including specialty rooms
  • Instruction for updating, renovating or improving the condition of any home

Lise’s Home Staging 101 is so detailed and easy-to-follow that after watching this DVD, you’ll have all the skills and confidence to become a stager yourself.

Reviews from Amazon:

Home Staging 101 DVD- Fabulous!, February 19, 2012
I am a native Atlantan, a top tier realtor and have been selling real estate for 30+ years. I also have a back ground in decorating with `Designs by CiCi’. I thought I knew a lot about design, colors and staging myself until I met Lise. I can tell you that I work with Lise in Atlanta and she has helped me sell 4 houses not to mention 1 recently in less then a week. I can also tell you that Lise is the only stager I use but after watching Home Staging 101 I realized that she is the same in action and in person as she is in the video. That’s incredible because in this video she walks you through your home just like she does in person and you’ll know immediately what furniture, rugs, accessories, pillows and colors you need to make it look fabulous whether your selling a home or just wanting a polished designed look. The information in this video is so detailed that honestly I was completely amazed and I’m sure you will be too.

CiCi Harris
Harry Norman Realtors

Valuable Information From Start to Finish!, January 29, 2012
Wow! My attention was immediately captured by Lise’s unique and engaging delivery of valuable information. Staging 101 is an amazing tool for homeowners, stagers and the real estate community. Lise provides you with a clear and concise understanding of why staging is so important. She also provides solid, statistical data throughout the video, which reinforces the benefits of staging, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to stage a property. Her knowledge and expertise are clearly evident throughout. Staging 101 is a must have for all stagers, regardless of their experience level, and for the homeowner, who wants to sell their property.

Paige Earles

Lise is the Suze Orman of Home Staging!, January 26, 2012
Watching this DVD is like tuning in to a great TV show–fun to watch with real tips and techniques that anyone can put into immediate use. It’s a lot like watching Suze Orman give great advice about your finances–her conviction and credibility makes you want to take action right away. The information that Lise shares makes perfect sense and makes you want to jump up and start rearranging furniture!

As someone who’s lived in and sold a number of luxury homes, I know firsthand how important home staging is–and in today’s competitive market, it’s more important than ever! What I like about Home Staging 101 is that it’s not just a show you watch once. It’s actually more of a reference that you keep going back to. And since it’s divided into easy to find sections and topics, you can literally cue up the DVD to the room or topic that you’re focusing on.

I think this would be an amazing gift that every real estate agent should give to their sellers. Whether those sellers work with a professional home stager or choose to do it themselves, every seller in every price point would benefit from watching and implementing Lise’s easy-to-follow tips and instructions.

As Suze Orman says, “Many people are in the dark when it comes to money. I’m going to turn on the lights.” Well, in Home Staging 101, Lise Desormeaux literally “turns on the lights” on what makes a home sell faster and for more money. I recommend it to anyone who wants to a competitive advantage in marketing a house for sale!

Susan H. Shoer

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