Rather than wearing too many hats, Lise leaves some work to the professionals. Lise has been fortunate enough to meet and work with some very talented photographers, video editors, and producers. Please allow her to gush over them for a moment.

I’d like to give a special thanks to Liz Lopez of Blue Skies Real Estate Photography® for photographing many of my staged homes. Liz’s photography appears in my DVDs, books, cover graphics and, here, in my website (see background)! I especially like the way she lights a room and takes the time to ensure that my stagings always look great! Join me in liking Liz on Facebook.

I would also like to thank Gregg Willett of Gregg Willett Photography for taking great before and after photos for me. His photography appears on the back of my DVD! It is a really great example of vacant to staged. Please, like Gregg on Facebook!

Thank you to Joey Gouge of Joey G Photography for capturing the fun of my events. His photos usually end up on my Facebook and are featured here in ‘Book Lise’ and ‘Live Events’. He is fantastic at translating candid moments to photographs. Join me in liking Joey on Facebook.

A very special thanks to Angie Romasanta of Pixel Aroma, LLC. She really knows how to capture my essence with her photography. And she did a really fantastic job on the graphics for my DVD. Thanks Angie! Likeher on Facebook!

Thank you to Liza Broome, my B-Roll Production Assistant, for her great work on Home Staging 101.

Last but never least, I would like to thank Jim Ross of CinematixHD. His video and video editing skills gave Home Staging 101 a very polished look. He is such the expert!